The Fashion Council of New Zealand is the result of many requests from the industry to have a body that represents all aspects of the fashion industry in New Zealand. The website is managed by New Zealand Apparel magazine whose 50+ year history of working with the New Zealand fashion industry ideally places them as a conduit to encourage networking in the industry through the Fashion Council of New Zealand.

Membership is free, with members drawn from across the fashion, supplier, education, training, textile, service and retail sectors. When considering the fashion industry as a whole, we are incorporating the entire spectrum of the value chain. From students to independent retailers, small atelier to multinational brands. From CMT to equipment service providers, independent single retail outlets and vertical chains.

Membership provides access to networking, industry insights and our international professional network to develop or enhance business collaborations. Membership means that you are part of the fashion community in New Zealand and gives you a voice, to lobby, to network, to collaborate. The Fashion Council of New Zealand is here to support both established and emerging designers, suppliers and retailers.

This site is a free resource portal for all those involved in the fashion industry in New Zealand. It is a place to network, to find suppliers, to upskill through training and education, to share information and skills and for designers and retail buyers alike to network and talk fashion.

This resource is populated with contact information across the spectrum of the industry. A complete one-stop resource for the fashion industry. Whatever it is you want to find, you will find it here. With planned workshops, forecasting and trend information, and business advice this resource is being built to help sustain the fashion industry in New Zealand. We are also working to put a panel in place to run the Council, drawing the best advocates of the industry together to provide a sounding board for members making sure that there is the broadest representation for the benefit of all.

Register as a member, list your business or service - it's free to join the conversation - be part of the bigger picture.


Fashion Council of New Zealand

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