The Fashion Council of New Zealand is an online network for those who represent, work within or service the fashion industry of New Zealand. Everyone from within the industry is welcome to register to access the site, including design, retail, education, fabrics & textiles, CMT, export, packaging, logistics and equipment and more.

This online portal has been created to facilitate sharing across the fashion industry – members are encouraged to share information, resources and services. A way to provide information on export opportunities, collaborations, networking workshops and is the voice for the New Zealand fashion industry, allowing all to be heard and be part of this vibrant creative part of the New Zealand economy.

The Fashion Council of NZ is a free resource managed by a team from within the industry with representation across the various elements of the industry. The advisory panel administers and manages the activities of the Council, all on the panel are drawn from within the industry.

Each year nominations will be called in June for those wishing to join the advisory panel to replace any resignations – the advisory panel will be no larger than 12 representatives, however additional industry experts will be called upon to oversee and drive government lobbying, workshops, marketing and export.

In the interim, all enquiries should be directed to